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Investors: Want to Get Higher, Safer Returns?

V ision Global, a company with over 30 years’ experience in banking and finance, is looking for investors who want to invest in exceptional properties, businesses, and development projects that can net them higher, safer returns than most other investments they might consider. If you’re a savvy investor who wants to earn interest in a safe, lucrative project, read on.

What We’ve Done

With our expertise in sourcing deals and in underwriting, we have helped businesses fund growth projects through investments in properties, businesses, and development projects.

Our services include:

  • Commercial SBA loans
  • Commercial mortgage loans
  • Business lines of credit
  • Merchant cash advances
  • Merchant cash advances
  • Investment secured loans
  • Secured businesses who need
    short-term working capital
  • Hard money bridge loans

Where We’re Going

We’d like to invite you to partner with us to fund some of these deals. Just like our clients’ portfolios, your money can grow when you partner with us. We offer several different investment options for you to choose from. You can invest in your choice of:

  • Specific commercial deals
  • Funds managed by Vision Global

With years of experience in solid investments, Vision Global’s staff of financial professionals will make most of the investment decisions. As for other types of investments, including mezzanine, hybrid, and customized investment offers, decisions will be handled by a qualified group of financial professionals.

You Can Depend on Vision Global to Provide Safe Returns on Your Investment

Vision Global stands on the shoulders of its founders, financial experts with years of experience in banking and finance. We have a track record of providing successful personalized financial solutions to small- and mid-sized businesses. With our help, our clients have grown and have achieved unqualified success.

Our Connections and Experience Help Our Clients Get Ahead

Vision Global can access a powerful network of regional and national banks, as well as private capital investors. That enables us to provide a wide range of financing options to our clients.

We make it easy for business owners to get capital to grow their business—even with the strict bank guidelines and frozen credit markets in a tough economy. In other words, we provide what traditional banks can’t: multiple funding solutions.

Our Streamlined Process Opens More Doors

Our clients—busy business people all—don’t have time to fuss with long hours and extensive paperwork. They don’t want to waste their money on application fees, or their time waiting for approval.

We understand. We streamline the paperwork, charge low retainer fees, and provide quick approvals for loans for superb investments. Clients love us—and recommend us to their friends. That means more deals for us—and more money in our investors’ pockets.

Our Business Strategy Produces Success for Our Clients

We provide customized strategies and solutions so that each business can receive financing options tailored to their needs. With Vision Global, American small businesses grow. As do those investors savvy enough to come aboard.

Our Success Can Be Your Success

Want to hop onto this kind of success train? When you join with Vision Global, you know your investment is in good hands. We fund only those businesses who are on the brink of success. When they take a leap forward, so do your investments.

Sit down with us to discover how investing with Vision Global can beef up your bottom line. Call us at 718-757-8892 or 201-509-6308 to set an appointment today.