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Hard Money, Bridge Loans

W hen you need to borrow money to purchase a new property, but haven’t sold your current property yet, you might want to look into the advantages of a hard money bridge loan. With such a loan, you can use the equity in your current property to secure the funds to buy the new property. Such a loan serves as a virtual “bridge” to fill in the gap until the money comes in from the current property’s sale.

When You Need to Jump on a Real Estate Deal Now

With today’s low rates on loans, it pays to look into a hard money bridge loan, particularly if the new property you plan to buy looks to appreciate in value. The return on your investment might be well worth the money you’ll pay on interest for the loan.

Furthermore, the intent of a bridge loan is to serve as a temporary fix. Because you only take out the loan for a short period of time, you won’t have to pay interest for years to come. Though the interest rates are usually higher on such a loan, the money you can save over time will more than make up the difference, particularly if the real estate you want to invest in is a great buy.

Vision Global Offers Hard Money Bridge Loans at Competitive Rates

Here’s where Vision Global can help. We offer hard money bridge loans with flexible terms—up to five years in some cases. That’s much longer than most bridge loans go. When you’re ready to pay it off—no matter how early—there won’t be any prepayment penalties to siphon away the money you’ve saved by taking out the loan.

Even better, we offer loan to value ratios up to 75 percent, with rates as low as nine percent per year. Our closing fees, too, won’t set you back much. Many of our loans charge as little as two percent closing fees.

We can finance anywhere from $1 million to $50 million throughout the U.S., in some cases, even more. In addition to real estate, we accept other fixed or liquid assets as collateral.

Property Types We Lend Money On

We lend money on a wide variety of investment properties—even on unimproved land. If you want to buy multi-family properties, condos, offices, retail buildings, hotels, industrial buildings, mixed-use properties, or land to build a money-making property, we’ll work with you to secure a loan.

Custom Loans for Every Situation

We analyze all of the specifics, all of your goals, and all of your needs. With our astute loan officers, we can come up with a lending plan that achieves all your goals.

Streamlined Process, Low Retainer Fees

You want to spend more time developing your business, not filling out loan paperwork. We get that. Our streamlined process makes applying for a hard money bridge loan easy. Furthermore, since we keep our retainer fees low, you'll have more money to invest in your properties.

Quick Commitments, Quick Closings

We work fast to get you the loan you want. With our versatile loan criteria, we’re able to close deals that other lenders simply can’t. Pre-approvals come sooner than with most loans—in some cases, within 24 hours. We move the process along quickly so you’ll have your money in just a few days—no matter what the size of your loan.

Experience the Benefits of a Vision Global Bridge Loan

Rates start as low as 9.00% (as of 6/4/2017)

  • Easy application process
  • Low retainer fees
  • Up to 75% loan-to-value ratio (LTV)
  • 24- to 48-hour written loan pre-approvals: no obligation

Take Advantage of Our Experience

With more than three decades of helping our clients build their real estate investment portfolios through low-cost loans, we have the experience to help you find just the loan you need—to build your own piece of the American Dream.

If you need a hard money bridge loan to buy a property you don’t want to pass up, let’s get together. We can help. Call us for your free quote today at 718-757-8892 or 201-509-6308.