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Customized Solution

How much would you enjoy a personalized financial solution that works for your business?

Vision Global Capital Resource has been in the business of helping SMBs grow and achieve success. Over the past 30 years, we’ve observed that 60% of companies fail to secure the funding solutions they need to expand, buy new stock, advertise, or train staff. This lack of funding results in a 67% decline in business growth and a 36% staff turnover rate.

Don’t let the lack of capital deal a death blow to your business. Get the expert financial help you need to launch, maintain, and even grow your company.

At Vision Global, we have forged strategic relations with a network of regional and national banks as well as non-bank lending institutions, making it easy for you to get the business capital you need. Frozen Credit Markets and strict lending guidelines may prevent traditional banks from offering you money to cover your expenses, but with Vision Global, refinancing and business loans are easy.

Take advantage of our competitive rates of interest along with our transparent and consultative approach. Unlike other business lenders, we’ll offer you customized funding solutions to meet your specialized requirements. We have a whole suite of financial products for start-ups, borrowers with low credit scores, and those in need of a stated income loan.

Our quick 24-hour pre-approval process lets you borrow money fast and without any hassle. We also finance a range of commercial real estate and investor properties, helping you reap good rewards on your investment. We welcome commercial real estate loan requests of all amounts, starting from $500,000 .

With Vision Global Capital Resource you can purchase your commercial or investment property sooner. We look at more than just assets, collateral, and credit history, helping you get unsecured loans tailored to suit your circumstances.

Ready to let your business thrive today, tomorrow, and way into the future? Call us today to receive the funds you need.

Call 718-757-8892 or 201-509-6308 to enquire about our single-tenant, multi-tenant, and owner-occupied commercial property loans with up to 30 years fixed interest rates.